Katja Grünebaum has high expectations regarding herself, her team and her equipment. The absolute focus on the client’s demands and wishes is her most important value.

The meet these expectations, Katja Grünebaum is observing the event markets to be informed on the trends and developments of technical issues. For Grünebaum Event Logistik, she decided to have a wide range of technical equipment which is always in shape, well looked after and fully functional.

With her team of Technicians, Katja Grünebaum also takes it as her duty to be your  “emergency partner” to solve difficult situations. Probably you forgot to order an item, your projector doesn’t work, you laptop doesn’t connect to the w-lan or you suddenly need an additional portable microphone? In those cases, Grünebaum Event Logistik will be there for you. It is our aim to help you within 30 minutes within the city of Berlin.

Individual consulting by Katja Grünebaum, thoughtful planning regarding all necessary equipment, time management and cost control, a team working hand in hand and having an eye for details, this is what Grünebaum Event Logistik stands for prior, during and after your event.